CIAR Global | 13-Dec-2023
La compañía IJM Corporation Berhad, uno de los grupos empresariales más importantes de Malasia, ha presentado un arbitraje de inversión contra Argentina por su participación de Grupo Concesionario del Oeste (GCO).
Harakah Daily | 29-Nov-2023
Kerajaan wajar mengambil langkah memastikan Malaysia tidak dibelenggu dengan Penyelesaian Pertikaian Pelabur Negeri (ISDS) yang terkandung dalam Perjanjian Komprehensif dan Progresif bagi Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik (CPTPP).
New Straits Times | 20-Oct-2021
Sudan’s government confiscated Petronas’s assets on the grounds that they were acquired "through illegal means" during Omar al-Bashir’s regime. Some argue that Sudan is turning on its allies "under the pretext of fighting corruption".
The Malaysian Reserve | 15-Oct-2021
PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has led a request for arbitration at the International Centre for Settlement of Dispute in the absence of positive development on Sudan’s transitional government’s decision to confiscate the company’s assets in Khartoum, Sudan.
Malaysiakini | 7-Aug-2020
It is now abundantly clear that the CPTPP has not only proved irrelevant in the face trade protectionism but would actually strengthen IPRs, raising the costs of Covid-19 tests, treatments and vaccines.
Hankyoreh | 7-Jul-2020
Berjaya is to receive US$104.3 million and to withdraw the notice of intent that it submitted to seek investor-state dispute settlement arbitration for a sum of US$3.42 billion.
Occupy FTA | 1-Aug-2019
Reportedly, Berjaya, Malaysian investor initiated ISDS dispute against South Korea.
Colombo Page | 29-Oct-2018
KLS Energy Lanka, the local subsidiary of Malaysian renewable energy producer Energy Sdn Bhd of Malaysia has initiated ICSID arbitration under the Sri Lanka-Malaysia BIT
The Edge Markets | 29-Jun-2018
Malaysia should review bilateral investment treaties to see if it is fair to remain in these trade agreements as some contain clauses that are seen to be biased to investors, said Third World Network adviser Martin Khor.