News from the movements
TNI | 25-Sep-2023
Investment protection is necessary to encourage energy transition investment.

The Guardian | 14-Sep-2023
Eleven countries have already pledged to exit the disastrous international charter treaty. We must join them.
FrenemosLasDemandasDeTransnacionales | 13-Sep-2023
Presentación del informe final de la Misión Internacional a Colombia #FrenemosLasDemandasDeTransnacionales.
La Via Campesina | 12-Sep-2023
On this September 10th 2023, the NFU stands united with our allies in La Via Campesina calling for fair and just international trade systems.
Public Citizen | 31-Aug-2023
Many free trade and investment agreements allow multinational corporations to undermine democracy via a secret pseudo-court system known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).
Le Vif | 24-Aug-2023
Faute de consensus intra-belge, la Belgique se refuse toujours à quitter le TCE, en dépit de sa dangerosité, du départ de dix pays européens (dont tous ses voisins) et de son incompatibilité avec le droit de l’Union européenne.
Madhyam | 17-Aug-2023
The experience with investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms has been mixed, with India facing several adverse awards and financial compensation in certain high-profile cases.
ISDS Case Map