News from the movements
Acción Ecológica | 16-May-2024
Sí, nos merecemos el regocijo de poder celebrar que habitamos en esta tierra bendecida con belleza y riqueza cultural. Mega Biodiversa, donde se encuentra Galápagos, el Chocó, la Amazonía y el Yasuní, los Andes y sus páramos, las reservas del pleistoceno; donde nacen varios de los principales ríos que van al Pacífico y al Atlántico. Estamos en el centro del mundo.

The Conversation | 10-May-2024
Foreign investors wanting to protect their gains under the controversial new law could hold the country to ransom by threatening a dispute. As a result, they would constrain New Zealand’s democratic ability to exercise its sovereignty, and to protect te Tiriti rights.
PSI | 8-May-2024
After a decade long struggle by PSI and affiliates against trade rules that put corporate profits before people, victory is in sight!
Le Soir | 6-May-2024
Il est urgent de désarmer ces tribunaux d’arbitrage qui sont incompatibles avec les objectifs climatiques de l’Accord de Paris, de développement durable des Nations Unies et, plus largement, d’intérêt public que doivent poursuivre les États démocratiques.
Jacobin | 6-May-2024
Companies have long used international treaties to try to prevent Global South countries from asserting economic sovereignty. In recent decades, corporations have used such laws to stymie European governments’ attempts to tackle the climate crisis.
Le Vent Se Lève | 6-May-2024
Dès l’indépendance des anciennes colonies européennes, les grandes entreprises extractivistes ont mis en œuvre des mécanismes pour y préserver leurs intérêts économiques.
Public Citizen | 3-May-2024
For half a century, the ISDS system has allowed multinational corporations to run off with billions of taxpayers dollars while allowing them to undermine environmental standards, public health protections, financial regulations, and other sound policies throughout the world.
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