The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP or TPP for short) is a trade and investment agreement that was signed on 7 March 2018 between 11 Pacific Rim countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. The pact went into force on 30 December 2018 among the members who have ratified it. The US withdrew from it in January 2017.

The investment chapter includes investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions. Civil society groups have blasted the mechanism, as it gives a foreign investor or company disproportionate powers vis-à-vis governments or domestic companies. Foreign investors can resort to a parallel system of justice specifically made for them to challenge public health, the environment and other public-interest ‘safeguards’, and bypass national justice courts.

Photo: Blink O’Fanaye / CC BY-NC 2.0

(March 2020) | 3-Jun-2022
Entretien avec l’activiste chilienne Lucía Sepúlveda Ruiz, porte-parole de Chile Mejor sin TLC. | 26-May-2022
Interview with Chilean activist Lucía Sepúlveda Ruiz.
Reuters | 28-Apr-2022
A Mexican law that nationalizes its future lithium industry violates its trade obligations under the CPTPP, the International Chamber of Commerce said.
Chile Mejor sin TLC | 15-Mar-2022
Las organizaciones sociales, ambientales, sindicales, políticas y culturales que integramos la Plataforma Chile Mejor sin TLC, impulsoras de la Iniciativa Popular sobre Tratados de Libre Comercio votada favorablemente por ustedes el pasado 1 de febrero, hacemos un llamado de atención sobre esta contradictoria propuesta.
AFTINET | 7-Mar-2022
AFTINET has raised the alarm over the possibility that British corporations will gain the right to sue the Australian Government if the UK is granted membership in the CPTPP.
Universidad de Chile | 28-Apr-2021
El CPTPP, o más conocido como TPP-11, "es un ambicioso acuerdo comercial que involucra a 11 países y su objetivo es contribuir al crecimiento económico", según se describe en la página web de la Subsecretaria de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales, pero este tratado, que tiene alrededor de 700 páginas, ¿es solo comercial?
CCPA | 15-Apr-2021
The removal of investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) from the renegotiated NAFTA was a critical victory but Canada, the US and Mexico continue to be enmeshed in an extensive web of bilateral and regional accords containing ISDS.
Financial Express Bangladesh | 18-Jan-2021
Corporate globalisation and Covid-19 should also have taught developing countries that they must reject FTAs strengthening IPRs, ISDS and TNCs in order to secure policy space to ’build back better’.
Resumen | 18-Dec-2020
Sabemos que las mujeres solo son propietarias del 1% a nivel mundial, mientras realizan las dos terceras partes del trabajo por un 5% del salario.

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