Le Vent Se Lève | 31-May-2024
Décryptage. L’Équateur a été condamné à payer 400 millions de dollars à une filiale de Perenco, basée aux Bahamas, pour violation d’un traité d’investissements signé entre la France et l’Équateur.
PSI | 8-May-2024
After a decade long struggle by PSI and affiliates against trade rules that put corporate profits before people, victory is in sight!
Public Citizen | 3-May-2024
For half a century, the ISDS system has allowed multinational corporations to run off with billions of taxpayers dollars while allowing them to undermine environmental standards, public health protections, financial regulations, and other sound policies throughout the world.
ODG | 19-Apr-2024
En esta conversación online hablamos de las Tierras Raras y los Acuerdos Comerciales y Conflictos que genera su extracción en América Latina.
EJIL:Talk! | 12-Apr-2024
A documentary film offers a powerful illustration of the ways in which ISDS can impact third parties, exacerbate inequalities, and reinforce power imbalances.
The Intercept | 20-Mar-2024
After the Honduran president repealed a law granting unfettered authority to outside investors, the cryptoquistadors took the dispute to a World Bank arbitration court.
The Real News Network | 25-Sep-2023
The crumbling of European empires after WWII didn’t usher in a new era of democracy—instead, we now live in a regime of international corporate rule. | 3-Jun-2022
Entretien avec l’activiste chilienne Lucía Sepúlveda Ruiz, porte-parole de Chile Mejor sin TLC.