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Mining Law Canada Blog | 6-Sep-2021
These decisions have the potential to significantly impact companies with current and future mining and development licences where there are questions around environmentally sensitive areas.
The Ecologist | 20-Aug-2021
Governments must urgently terminate all international investment treaties in force, in particular the Energy Charter Treaty, and stop negotiating new ones.
Alternatives Economiques | 20-Aug-2021
Les lobbies s’activent pour réinstaurer des mécanismes de justice privée leur permettant d’attaquer les Etats membres en cas de décision nuisant à leurs intérêts.
The Reporter | 15-Aug-2021
The Hague based Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) passed its final judgment on Friday rejecting the Israel based mining company’s, Israel Chemical Limited (ICL) compensation claims filed against the government of Ethiopia.
Globe Newswire | 15-Aug-2021
Winshear Gold Corp. has filed a case at ICSID against Tanzania for the expropriation of the company’s retention licenses, claiming the country has breached its obligations under the Tanzania-Canada BIT.
Dawn | 13-Aug-2021
Terminating 23 BITs is an important step for Pakistan, but if relationships with the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank remain, economic efficiency will continue to be prioritised over social justice and the rights of citizens.
AFTINET | 11-Aug-2021
Pakistan decided to review the entire BIT situation in 2013, and to develop a new model BIT.
East Asia Forum | 9-Aug-2021
Human rights experts are particularly concerned about the asymmetric nature of the system and a lack of investors’ human rights obligations. Together with high ISDS costs and arbitral awards, they undermine states’ ability to realise economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.
The Express Tribune | 5-Aug-2021
Decision aimed at avoiding international arbitration with foreign firms .
CIAR Global | 30-Jul-2021
El Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias relativas a Inversiones (CIADI) ha publicado la carga de casos del ejercicio fiscal 2021 donde ha registrado 70 nuevos procedimientos y administró un total de 332 casos.

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