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Stop CETA Mercosur | 7-sep-2022
En vertu du très controversé Traité sur la charte de l’énergie, l’État italien vient d’être condamné à verser 190 millions d’euros, plus les intérêts, à la société pétrolière britannique Rockhopper.
The Guardian | 25-ago-2022
Italian government ordered to compensate UK firm after exploration forbidden within 12 miles of coast.
Slovenia Posts English | 22-ago-2022
Ascent Resources initiated an arbitration dispute in which it is demanding half a billion euros due to Slovenia’s request that an environmental impact assessment should be carried out before fracking in Petišovci.
Sierra Nevada Ally | 28-jul-2022
However, locals feel latent tension that the imminent consultation process or the arbitration suit could revive earlier threats, violence, and legal persecution from company employees and contractors.
SeeNews | 27-may-2022
Canada’s Gabriel Resources, which holds a licence for the Rosia Montana gold and silver mine, said that it aims to raise $5.6 million from investors, which it will use mainly to finance the costs of an arbitration claim against Romania.
Salisbury Journal | 19-may-2022
Protestors will be gathering to march to the Rockhopper Exploration headquarters. The company is suing the Italian government for £236 million due to its refusal to allow oil drilling off the Adriatic Coast.
bnamericas | 18-may-2022
Mining companies are continuing to face political and community headwinds in Guatemala, as authorities push on with consultations needed to lift suspensions that have crippled the industry in recent years.
Mongabay | 11-may-2022
Citing the free-trade agreement between Australia and Thailand, Kingsgate, announced in November 2017 that it had filed a suit against Thailand at an international arbitration tribunal.
CIAR Global | 9-may-2022
El gobierno de Andrés Manuel López Obrador ha ordenado el cierre de las operaciones y cierre en las extracciónes y canteras submanrinas que la compañía estadounidense Vulcan Materials Company administra en Quintana Roo, México. Y lo ha hecho en medio de un arbitraje de inversiones que mantiene con una subsidiaria de la compañía
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre | 9-may-2022
Without adequate rules and the right business incentives to protect workers and communities, trade deals can contribute to a ‘race to the bottom’.

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