The Australia Institute | 30-Nov-2023
Clive Palmer’s controversial legal strategies challenge Australia’s trade agreements and environmental laws, and have profound implications for global climate action.
IIED | 30-Nov-2023
To achieve the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, states must move away from fossil fuels. But investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) — a system that enables companies to take states to international arbitration — can increase the cost of this transition.
Novethic | 30-Nov-2023
Créé dans les années 60, le "règlement des différents entre investisseurs et États" s’est transformé en obstacle majeur pour le climat.
Global Justice Now | 24-Nov-2023
Notes from the Energy Charter Treaty Conference reveal plans for the controversial Energy Charter Treaty to expand to more oil-producing countries.
Verfassungsblog | 22-Nov-2023
Australia is confronted with three multi-billion dollar investment treaty claims from a mining company, which serves as another illustration of how the international investment protection system poses a threat to an urgent and just energy transition.
The Guardian | 20-Nov-2023
Officials fear secret courts will block climate action and divert billions into coffers of fossil fuel investors.
UCL Press | 17-Nov-2023
The Energy Charter Treaty can be deployed to expand the fossil fuel industry’s rights and contextually counter democratic forces that animate the ecological transition.
Public Citizen | 3-Nov-2023
The groups argue that removing ISDS — which has prioritized corporate rights over those of governments, people, and the planet — is needed to protect policies necessary for a clean energy transition.
CIAR Global | 27-Oct-2023
Klesch Group Holdings, grupo inversor internacional de materias primas industriales dedicado a la producción de petróleo y metales, ha presentado tres demandas de arbitraje de inversiones. Los procedimientos invocan el Tratado de la Carta de la Energía (TCE) y se registran contra la Unión Europea, Alemania y Dinamarca.
Global Justice Now | 25-Oct-2023
The UK faces “huge financial risk” of lawsuits if the Pacific trade deal is not amended, warn civil society organisations and academics in a joint letter published today.