human rights | 11-Dec-2023
Quand les Etats s’efforcent de prendre des mesures audacieuses pour réduire les émissions, leurs efforts sont compromis par une menace insidieuse : le Règlement des Différends entre Investisseurs et Etats (RDIE).
Legal Cheek | 8-Dec-2023
Without a mandatory and uniform standard on the human rights obligations of investors in investment law, any change in international investment arbitration may be incremental.
CCSI | 1-Dec-2023
Terminating investment treaties and withdrawing advance consent to ISDS would allow governments to clear the path from problematic treaties centered on investment protection and ISDS, which in practice benefit unsustainable investment.
Inside Climate News | 24-Oct-2023
An obscure but far-reaching system allowing corporations to sue governments is being “weaponized” by the fossil fuel and mining industries, according to a new UN report, jeopardizing progress in developing nations.
OHCHR | 28-Sep-2023
Le « règlement des différends entre investisseurs et États » est devenu un obstacle majeur aux mesures qu’il faut prendre d’urgence pour faire face aux crises planétaires en matière d’environnement et de droits humains, selon un rapport des Nations unies.
DeSmog | 28-Sep-2023
A UN expert calls for ending confidential arbitration agreements in development and trade treaties, which are forcing nations to roll back climate, enviro, human rights protections while owing fossil fuel companies billions in damages.
FrenemosLasDemandasDeTransnacionales | 13-Sep-2023
Presentación del informe final de la Misión Internacional a Colombia #FrenemosLasDemandasDeTransnacionales.
AFTINET | 10-Jul-2023
In response to a call from the UN, legal experts have released a submission outlining the dangers of Investor-State Dispute Settlement on the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.
UDAPT | 27-Mar-2023
Aunque los tribunales holandeses aún no han emitido un fallo definitivo sobre el recurso de anulación presentado por la Fiscalía General del Estado, el Gobierno de Ecuador ya está cumpliendo el laudo arbitral como si estuviera en vigor.
UDAPT | 24-Mar-2023
Although the Dutch courts have yet to issue a final ruling on the appeal for annulment filed by the State Attorney’s Office, the Government of Ecuador is already complying with the arbitration award as if it were in force.