IISD | 15-Jan-2024
RWE a choisi de se désister de l’affaire auprès du CIRDI, avec l’accord des Pays-Bas.
Mining Weekly | 20-Nov-2023
Mining corporations have taken steps to issue a notice and dispute and request for negotiations to the Ethiopian government over concerns at measures taken against Abyssinian’s investments in the Kenticha lithium and tantalum project in the country.
SOMO | 15-Nov-2023
German energy company RWE has announced its intention to withdraw its international arbitration proceedings against the Dutch state at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
Veblen | 16-Aug-2023
La procédure d’arbitrage engagée par l’entreprise énergétique allemande RWE contre l’État néerlandais sur la base du traité sur la charte de l’énergie est irrecevable au regard du droit de l’Union européenne.
SOMO | 28-Jul-2023
Dutch taxpayers have already incurred € 5.4 million in arbitration costs in RWE and Uniper cases.
The Citizen | 11-Jul-2023
Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) plane that was seized in the Netherlands after a Swedish firm won a $165 million award against Tanzania has been released, says the government.
Both Ends | 23-May-2023
Nowadays, the Netherlands has 75 bilateral investment treaties with countries all over the world, which mainly give multinationals a powerful instrument that has far-reaching consequences for people and the environment worldwide.
Voz Populi | 16-Jan-2023
El Estado busca soluciones desesperadas para anular el laudo que condena a España a indemnizar a la estadounidense NextEra con 290 millones por el recorte a las primas de las renovables
The Citizen | 7-Dec-2022
Air Tanzania Company Limited plane has been seized in the Netherlands after a Swedish firm won a $165 million award against Tanzania due to revoked land title in the Bagamoyo sugar project.
SOMO | 30-Nov-2022
The Dutch government will not have to pay damages to energy giants RWE and Uniper, a Dutch court in The Hague ruled.