Total Croatia News | 6-Jul-2021
Four arbitration cases brought by banks against Croatia before the ICSID connected with the conversion of CHF-denominated loans were suspended on 30 June.
Global Arbitration News | 26-Apr-2021
The Higher Regional Court held that there was no room for reasonable doubt that the arbitration clause in the Croatia - Austria BIT was invalid based on the rulings in Achmea.
Reuters | 3-Feb-2021
Six banks have agreed not to take legal action against Croatia over its conversion of Swiss franc loans into euros in 2015 at the lenders’ expense.
Reuters | 20-Oct-2020
OTP Bank has sued the Croatian government to recover about $34.60 million it lost during a mandatory conversion of Swiss franc-denominated loans to euro-based loans in 2015.
TNI | 26-Jun-2020
A golf course, free-trade agreements, and the fight for the soul of a city
Observatoire des Multinationales | 1-Mar-2020
Une longue bataille juridique et politique autour d’un projet controversé de golf et de développement immobilier est devenu le symbole des démêlés de Dubrovnik, en Croatie, avec l’invasion de l’industrie touristique.
El Confidencial | 25-Oct-2019
Una empresa estatal húngara se persona en los pleitos en Washington como aliada de los demandantes. Quiere mantener la jurisdicción del Banco Mundial frente al Tribunal de la UE.
Total Croatia News | 7-Feb-2019
Arbitration proceedings which the Hungarian energy group MOL has launched against Croatia before the ICSID in Washington are still ongoing and a ruling is pending, and Croatia has contested the jurisdiction of the arbitration tribunal.
Total Croatia News | 20-Dec-2018
Many see the withdrawal of the lawsuit as a tactical move whereby MOL wants to additionally strengthen its position in ongoing arbitration proceedings it launched in Washington in 2013.

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