United Nations | 8-sep-2021
The Working Group recommends that States terminate or reform urgently all existing international investment agreements.
Globalization and Health | 8-sep-2021
Given the potential for wider use of the ISDS mechanism, strategies to protect public health policy space in the context of both international trade and investment treaty and dispute settlement contexts remain important.
Mexico News Daily | 7-sep-2021
Houston-based Talos Energy intends to fight the decision by the Energy Ministry to designate the state oil company Pemex as the operator of the Zama field, which contains almost 700 million barrels of oil.
Mint | 7-sep-2021
Cairn Energy will drop litigations to seize Indian properties in countries ranging from France to the US, within a couple of days of getting a $1 billion refund resulting from the scrapping of a retrospective tax law.
Mining Law Canada Blog | 6-sep-2021
These decisions have the potential to significantly impact companies with current and future mining and development licences where there are questions around environmentally sensitive areas.
| 6-sep-2021
The map is an interactive tool that brings together 60 significant ISDS cases globally to support social movements, researchers, journalists and policy makers to analyse the impact of the ISDS mechanism.
Vanguard News Nigeria | 2-sep-2021
AfCFTA roundtable brought together business leaders, academia, government representatives, trade, and legal experts to discuss and deliberate on dispute issues in implementing the agreement in Nigeria.
Client Earth | 2-sep-2021
Environmental organisations have hailed a court decision that could mean the end of a little-known legal mechanism that poses a massive threat to climate action.
BIICL | 31-aoû-2021
This study examines over 400 investor-State cases, giving a comprehensive account of how long ISDS proceedings last, how much they cost, how tribunals allocate those costs as well as the amounts of damages awarded.

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