Madhyam | 7-oct-2015
India and EU would soon resume negotiations on the stalled India-EU free trade agreement.
SUNS | 23-sep-2015
Particular issues and procedures in investment treaties have proved especially contentious at both conceptual and practical levels.
SUNS | 23-sep-2015
Two recent proposals on settling investment disputes have begun to attract attention and consideration in national and international circles.
Financial Express | 15-sep-2015
Cairn Energy is set to approach the International Court of Justice (ICJ), asking it to appoint an arbitrator on behalf of the Indian government in its $1.6 bn...
News Nation | 1ro-sep-2015
The amendment to Arbitration Act will be taken up in the forthcoming Parliament session. The amended act would be on par with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) system.
Financial Express | 29-ago-2015
The government is looking to replace the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BIPPA) with a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT),
The Economic Times | 19-ago-2015
Indian government had decided to come out with a new framework after several multinational firms invoked bilateral investment protection agreements.
Bechtel | 19-jul-2015
In exchange for $160 million in compensation for its equity and contractor claims, Bechtel agreed to forgo international arbitration over the expropriation of its investment.
PTI | 29-jun-2015
The government of India has rejected Cairn Energy UK’s plea for an arbitration over Rs 10,247-crore tax dispute saying taxation is not covered under the UK-India Investment Promotion and Protection Treaty.
Economic Times | 9-jun-2015
India is caught in a pincer at this moment in time as it is faced with the twin need of FDIs to propel and sustain growth and also the need to fi rewall its sovereign rights to formulate policies without extraneous pressures from its trade partners and the corporate world.

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