IIED | 22-jui-2020
International investment law and investor dispute arbitration too often fail to notice the concerns of local actors. Governance of these international mechanisms needs to take a more holistic, development-based view of the issues.
Stop Corporate Impunity | 27-mai-2020
Indigenous communities call for international solidarity to support for the vindication of rights of the comunities and peoples affected by corporate impunity and their struggle for a dignified life.
Stop Corporate Impunity | 26-mai-2020
Hicieron un llamado a los accionistas de la transnacional para que se respeten sus derechos a la justicia y la reparación. Y apelaron a la solidaridad internacional ante la reivindicación de los derechos de las comunidades y pueblos afectados por la impunidad corporativa, así como ante sus luchas por una vida digna.
Mining.com | 27-avr-2020
An arbitration tribunal ruled against Canadian company Edgewater Exploration in its long-standing legal battle with Spain related to the Corcoesto gold project in the northwestern region of Galicia.
Inequality.org | 27-mar-2020
The hard work of protecting water and land from the long-term harms associated with gold and silver mining takes place daily on the frontlines of tenacious struggles throughout Latin America and around the world.
Commercial Dispute Resolution | 19-mar-2020
The government of Mauritius triumphed in an investor-state arbitration against a group of United Kingdom property developers who wanted to develop property at a UNESCO World Heritage site on the island.
Gabriel Resources | 16-mar-2020
Gabriel has provided notice to Romania of a dispute with regard to Romania’s application to UNESCO in relation to Roşia Montană and has reserved its right to commence a further arbitration.
Observatoire des Multinationales | 1er-mar-2020
Une longue bataille juridique et politique autour d’un projet controversé de golf et de développement immobilier est devenu le symbole des démêlés de Dubrovnik, en Croatie, avec l’invasion de l’industrie touristique.
Ciar Global | 18-fév-2020
The arbitration between the US mining company Renco Group and Peru in relation to the metallurgical deposit in La Oroya was reopened, at the request of the mining company.
Ciar Global | 17-fév-2020
El arbitraje entre la minera estadounidense Renco Group y Perú relacionado con el yacimiento metalúrgico La Oroya se abrió de nuevo, a instancias de la minera.

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