TNI | 22-Jan-2019
Join the movement to end corporate privilege, sign the petition!
Politis | 22-Jan-2019
Cent cinquante ONG, syndicats et associations s’associent pour demander la fin des « tribunaux arbitraux » qui protègent les multinationales. Elles espèrent imposer le « devoir de vigilance » comme une nouvelle norme.
No al TTIP | 22-Jan-2019
Coincidiendo con el inicio del Foro Económico Mundial en Davos 2019, una coalición de organizaciones de la sociedad civil, movimientos sociales y sindicatos de más de 18 países de la UE lanzan la campaña ‘Derechos para las personas, obligaciones para las multinacionales. Stop ISDS’.
European Commission | 18-Jan-2019
The EU and its Member States submitted two papers to the UN Working Group under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).
New Europe | 18-Jan-2019
22 of the 28 EU nations have committed to terminate their bilateral investment treaties and use their influence as home states and respondent-states to notify tribunals of the non-arbitrability of intra-EU bilateral investment treaties and Energy Charter Treaty claims.
CIAR Global | 18-Jan-2019
El pasado 15 de enero, los Estados miembros de la UE emitieron una declaración en la que se comprometen a rescindir los Tratados Bilaterales de Inversión (TBIs) entre ellos como consecuencia jurídica del caso Achmea.
European Papers | 15-Jan-2019
If the European Court of Justice applied in Opinion 1/17 the same test it used in Achmea, it would probably conclude that the CETA tribunal is not compatible with EU law.
MENAFN | 2-Jan-2019
The EU has proposed to reform the investor-state-dispute-settlement system, a move that could further complicate negotiations with China over a bilateral investment agreement, as well as their dialogue on the Belt and Road Initiative’s implementation in Europe.
Les Echos | 2-Jan-2019
La Commission européenne souhaite imposer une nouvelle configuration aux mécanismes de résolution des litiges en matière d’investissement.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 14-Dec-2018
Tribunals still grappling with the intra-EU question, especially those in ECT cases, are certain to pay great attention to the carefully crafted Vattenfall decision. Its reasoning may well serve as a blueprint for further decisions and awards in similar cases.

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