| 9-jui-2020
The EU Commission has launched a public consultation calling for comments on its initiative to improve the protection of intra-EU investment. This initiative could lead to the adoption of new rules enhancing investors’ rights vis-à-vis EU Member States and to the creation of new enforcement mechanisms for investors within the EU.
Les Amis de la Terre France | 22-mai-2020
Le Traité sur la Charte de l’énergie est peu connu mais sape le combat contre le changement climatique.
Sidley Austin LLP | 22-mai-2020
Investors nonetheless may be well advised to consider restructuring intra-EU investments through third countries to ensure treaty protection for the future.
Friends of the Earth Europe | 18-mai-2020
The Energy Charter Treaty takes an axe to climate action.
TaylorWessing | 11-mai-2020
On 5 May 2020, 23 Member States of the EU entered into an Agreement for the Termination of Bilateral Investment Treaties between the Member States of the European Union.
OpenExp | 10-mai-2020
A global tragedy at a high cost for taxpayers.
DW | 8-mai-2020
México ha concluido, en plena pandemia, la modernización de su acuerdo de asociación con la UE. Grandes oportunidades ven unos, más de lo mismo ven otros.
European Commission | 6-mai-2020
23 EU Member States signed an agreement for the termination of intra-EU bilateral investment treaties.
rfi | 5-mai-2020
Tras dos años de negociación, México y la Unión Europea completaron la semana pasada el proceso de modernización de su tratado de libre comercio, que databa del año 2000. El nuevo TLCUEM deberá pasar por un largo proceso de ratificación pero ya levanta críticas por parte de organizaciones sociales.
Lexology | 5-mai-2020
In recent years, observers have questioned whether investor–state arbitration will or should be a feature of the next generation of free trade and bilateral investment treaties.

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