Euractiv | 19-Aug-2021
Slovenian environmental NGOs have called on infrastructure minister Jernej Vrtovec to use the country’s EU presidency to propose a political discussion on the bloc exiting the Energy Charter Treaty.
The Ecologist | 19-Aug-2021
Tackling trade and investment agreements must be an essential step in achieving justice-oriented action on climate change, health inequities and economic injustice.
Public Citizen | 7-Aug-2021
TC Energy expects to get 15 times more money, coming from taxpayers’ pockets, than the asset losses it experienced from the revocation of a permit, that was already denied twice.
Al Jazeera | 3-Aug-2021
Corporate courts were invented to protect the West’s control of the world against decolonisation. They are now undermining attempts to halt climate change.
Capital Monitor | 30-Jul-2021
The Energy Charter Treaty, which gives oil and gas companies a route to suing governments, is increasingly hindering climate policy reform, say campaigners. And it is not the only agreement of its type.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 12-Jul-2021
The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs initiated “anti-arbitration” proceedings before the German courts to “avert” two ECT-based ICSID arbitrations brought against it by the German energy companies RWE and Uniper.
L’Humanité | 9-Jul-2021
Alors qu’a lieu un nouveau round de négociation pour « moderniser » le Traité sur la charte de l’énergie, 400 organisations de la société civile lancent un ultimatum pour sortir au plus vite de cet accord.
El Salto | 7-Jul-2021
Esta semana se celebra la sexta ronda de negociaciones para modernizar el Tratado de la Carta de Energía (TCE) que, según desvelan unas filtraciones de documentos oficiales de la Comisión Europea, no aspira a dar resultados reales para alinear el Tratado con los objetivos del Acuerdo de París.
Euractiv | 7-Jul-2021
Little progress has been made to modernise a controversial agreement on energy investments that activists warn could derail decarbonisation efforts in Europe and across the globe, according to leaked documents.
Common Dreams | 6-Jul-2021
TC Energy Corporation filed for compensation under a free trade provision that allows investors to sue governments if they impede profits.

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