Attac France | 12-oct-2022
Accentuons la pression pour que le gouvernement français prenne position pour sortir de ce Traité nocif, qui protège les pollueurs !
The Guardian | 12-oct-2022
Transform Trade charity says British-based companies are among main bringers of cases based on bilateral investment treaties.
CIEL | 23-sep-2022
What recent case law and treaty reforms may mean for the future of investment arbitration in the energy sector.
Open Democracy | 23-sep-2022
Australia deal and Energy Charter Treaty show why we must be able to hold government accountable for trade.
Client Earth | 21-sep-2022
An international treaty that hamstrings governments’ ability to make climate policy is still in force – and an attempted overhaul has not worked. This is why the EU and its member states need to walk away from the Energy Charter Treaty.
IISD | 15-sep-2022
The text of the agreement in principle to modernize the Energy Charter Treaty leaves unanswered too many crucial questions about the possibility of further fossil fuel carveouts and the exact timing of its entry into force.
CNCD 11.11.11 | 14-sep-2022
La version réformée du traité comporte des avancées qui ne sont toutefois pas suffisantes pour répondre à l’urgence climatique.
Le Soir | 13-sep-2022
Les tribunaux d’arbitrage du TCE sont au-dessus des législations nationales, des droits humains ainsi que des autres traités internationaux, comme l’Accord de Paris sur le climat. Il faut mettre un terme à cette situation ubuesque.
The Conversation | 8-sep-2022
It’s a portent of claims Australia may face from British companies invested in Australia’s fossil-fuel industries if the United Kingdom gets its way and joins the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.