The Guardian | 13-feb-2023
Secret international court system enables fossil fuel firms to sue governments for lost future profits.
Euractiv | 13-feb-2023
Bern said it will not join the European Union’s proposed mass exit from a controversial energy investment protection treaty, sparking fears that fossil fuel companies will use Switzerland as a rear base to keep suing governments over climate action.
CIAR Global | 10-feb-2023
La minera Berkeley ha informado del nuevo rechazo del Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico (MITECO) a autorizar la construcción de una planta de uranio en Salamanca.
Reuters | 8-feb-2023
The European Commission has told member countries that a joint EU exit from a controversial international energy treaty appears inevitable.
Zone Bourse | 8-feb-2023
Berkeley a déclaré qu’elle estime également que le rejet n’est pas légal car il a empiété sur ses droits en vertu d’un accord international connu sous le nom de Traité sur la Charte de l’énergie. | 8-feb-2023
Berkeley said it also believes the rejection is not legal as it infringed on its rights under an international agreement known as the Energy Charter Treaty.
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung | 8-feb-2023
Investor rights in the expired North American Free Trade Agreement continue to undermine democratic decision-making and climate policy in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
The Hindu BusinessLine | 7-feb-2023
The Supreme Court of Netherlands refused to overturn $111.3 million arbitral award levied by the District Court of Hague, finding the Indian government liable for improperly terminating the Devas-Antrix deal in 2011.
AFTINET | 6-feb-2023
The AFTINET submission provides evidence of the harmful use of ISDS over the last decade against public regulation on health, indigenous rights, the environment and most recently against policies to reduce carbon emissions.
Diario UChile | 3-feb-2023
"Una serie de acciones y omisiones han dañado, y continúan dañando, la inversión de UHG y el valor de Banmédica, lo que constituye una violación a sus obligaciones bajo el acuerdo suscrito entre Gran Bretaña y Chile", señalaron.

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