Trend | 25-Apr-2022
Kyrgyzstan government deposited with the World Bank a document on the ratification of the ICSID Convention, thereby completing the process of joining the world’s leading institution for resolving international investment disputes.
Yahoo | 22-Aug-2019
The tribunal determined that Stans prevailed on jurisdiction and on the merits of its claim, awarding Stans a sum of approximately US $24 Million inclusive of damages, interest, and costs.
Litigation Finance Journal | 3-Apr-2018
Stans has entered into a litigation finance agreement to obtain incremental funding of Stans’ legal costs to continue with the international arbitration proceedings against the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.
Digital Journal | 9-Nov-2017
To date, the Republic has not complied with the order and the Company is considering various options for enforcement of the award.
Lexology | 20-Oct-2017
The key issue in the case concerned the proper interpretation of the dispute resolution provision in the 2003 Investment Law, which was the basis for jurisdiction.
TNI | 3-Aug-2017
The Kyrgyz Republic currently faces investment claims in the proximity of 1 billion USD, arising out of investment dispute settlement cases.
Lexology | 9-Jun-2017
Allegations of corruption and criminal activity have been used increasingly in recent years in French courts to argue for the setting aside of arbitral awards on the grounds of a breach of international public policy.
SAT PR | 10-Mar-2017
The Kyrgyz Republic has notified Stans that it filed a claim with the High Court of Justice to set aside the jurisdictional award rendered by the UNCITRAL Tribunal in favor of Stans.
Akipress | 22-Feb-2017
The Paris Appeals Court annuled $16.5 million award for Latvian businessman Valeri Belokon and reinstated the evidence that Manas Bank employees were engaged in money laundering.
Yahoo | 26-Jan-2017
The Tribunal has unanimously rejected the Respondent’s preliminary jurisdictional objections and opened the way for adjudication of the merits.

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