Le Monde | 10-mai-2021
L’Union européenne et l’Inde ont convenus de relancer des négociations sur le commerce, la protection des investissements et les indications géographiques.
Nikkei Asia | 10-mai-2021
The European Union and India agreed to resume stalled free-trade negotiations and seek closer cooperation to combat climate change at a virtual summit on Saturday.
Global Arbitration News | 26-avr-2021
The Higher Regional Court held that there was no room for reasonable doubt that the arbitration clause in the Croatia - Austria BIT was invalid based on the rulings in Achmea.
La Lettre du Cadre | 22-avr-2021
Il y a fort à craindre que les collectivités territoriales ne finissent par se retrouver face à ces fameux tribunaux d’arbitrage composés d’arbitres « indépendants ».
SOMO | 17-mar-2021
How investment treaties and investor-to-state dispute settlement grant foreign investors greater rights than Dutch and EU law.
Future Beyond Shell | 11-mar-2021
To realise a future beyond fossil fuels, it is imperative to look at how to disentangle the legal shackles that enable companies to frustrate climate policy and shift the burden of their stranded assets onto the shoulders of taxpayers through arbitration claims.
CIAR Global | 10-mar-2021
Las medidas tomadas por España en relación con las primas a las energías renovables fueron “razonables” por lo que no concede ninguna compensación al demandante. Esa es la decisión del tribunal del arbitraje Freif Eurowind Holdings v. España, que, desde 2017, ha sido administrado por el Instituto de Arbitraje de la Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC).
CIAR Global | 5-mar-2021
El Abogado General de la Unión Europea Maciej Szpunar concluyó el 3 de marzo de 2021 que el arbitraje del Tratado de la Carta de la Energía (TCE) intracomunitario es incompatible con el Derecho de la Unión tomando como base la sentencia Achmea, y plantea que las disputas pueden confiarse a los tribunales nacionales de los Estados miembros.
CAN Europe | 5-mar-2021
In his opinion on March 3, the Advocate General shed some light on this question by arguing that ISDS in intra-EU disputes is indeed not allowed under EU law.
Investigate Europe | 3-mar-2021
It is highly questionable whether there will be a new or revised treaty in two years that will protect the climate instead of endangering it.

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