investor-state disputes | ISDS

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) refers to a way of handling conflicts under international investment agreements whereby companies from one party are allowed to sue the government of another party. This means they can file a complaint and seek compensation for damages. Many BITs and investment chapters of FTAs allow for this if the investor’s expectation of a profit has been negatively affected by some action that the host government took, such as changing a policy. The dispute is normally handled not in a public court but through a private abritration panel. The usual venues where these proceedings take place are the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (World Bank), the International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law or the International Court of Justice.

ISDS is a hot topic right now because it is being challenged very strongly by concerned citizens in the context of the EU-US TTIP negotiations, the TransPacific Partnership talks and the CETA deal between Canada and the EU.

Radio-Canada | 11-Feb-2022
Après l’entreprise TC Énergie, c’est maintenant le gouvernement albertain qui soumet une demande d’arbitrage en vertu de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA).
Médias24 | 10-Feb-2022
Les parties sont en quête d’une transaction pour mettre fin à ce litige international. On s’achemine vers une réduction considérable des dédommagements réclamés par Carlyle.
Alberta Politics | 10-Feb-2022
Alberta bid to recover $1.3-billion loss from KXL shutdown is politically motivated and unlikely to succeed
Reuters | 10-Feb-2022
The Canadian province of Alberta formally initiated a trade challenge to recover its investment in the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which was scrapped in 2021 after the United States cancelled a key permit.
Emirates News Agency | 9-Feb-2022
The agreement protects both nations’ investments from all non-commercial risks, covers transfer of profits and revenues, and facilitates resolving disputes.
The Sydney Morning Herald | 8-Feb-2022
The mine was shut amid accusations of villagers being poisoned by leaking toxic waste. Kingsgate, whose Thai subsidiary Akara Resources had operated the mine since 2001, filed an international arbitration lawsuit.
Milenio | 4-Feb-2022
Legacy Vulcan, filial de Calizas Industriales del Carmen, solicitó un arbitraje contra México bajo el esquema del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte.
Infobae | 4-Feb-2022
El gobierno de México informó el jueves que negocia un acuerdo con el gigante de la construcción estadounidense Vulcan para detener una demanda de la compañía de 1,100 millones de dólares por impedirle extraer y exportar materiales que obtiene desde hace dos décadas de la paradisíaca zona caribeña del país.
CCSI | 4-Feb-2022
Alors que des réformes sont en cours de discussion, les investisseurs continueront d’introduire, et les états de défendre, des plaintes dans un système RDIE désormais largement reconnu comme étant en proie à des inquiétudes, perçues et réelles, allant même jusqu’ à sa légitimité.
CCSI | 4-Feb-2022
While reforms are being discussed, investors will continue to bring, and states will continue to defend, claims in an ISDS system now widely recognized as suffering from perceived and actual concerns going to its very legitimacy.

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