investor-state disputes | ISDS

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) refers to a way of handling conflicts under international investment agreements whereby companies from one party are allowed to sue the government of another party. This means they can file a complaint and seek compensation for damages. Many BITs and investment chapters of FTAs allow for this if the investor’s expectation of a profit has been negatively affected by some action that the host government took, such as changing a policy. The dispute is normally handled not in a public court but through a private abritration panel. The usual venues where these proceedings take place are the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (World Bank), the International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law or the International Court of Justice.

ISDS is a hot topic right now because it is being challenged very strongly by concerned citizens in the context of the EU-US TTIP negotiations, the TransPacific Partnership talks and the CETA deal between Canada and the EU.

Energy Monitor | 18-Jul-2022
Despite warnings that new oil and gas fields must be banned for the world to decarbonise by 2050, treaty signatories will protect fossil fuel production for at least another decade.
Infobae | 15-Jul-2022
Las limitaciones para acceder a moneda extranjera desconocen los compromisos internacionales asumidos por la Argentina en los tratados bilaterales de promoción y protección recíproca de inversiones firmados con diferentes países.
WRadio | 13-Jul-2022
Un artículo publicado recientemente por el diario ABC de España reveló que el Canal de Isabel II intentará recuperar en el Banco Mundial su filial colombiana, la empresa de acueducto y alcantarillado, Triple A.
Médias24 | 13-Jul-2022
Impliqué dans cinq affaires au CIRDI, le Maroc risque des condamnations dont le montant global peut dépasser les 23 MMDH.
Daily Trust | 7-Jul-2022
Nigeria is targeting to be part of the International Energy Charter (IEC), a global community that will enable it to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to accelerate power sector development.
CIAR Global | 7-Jul-2022
Un informe del Transnational Institute analiza las demandas de arbitraje de inversiones recibidas por España en la última década, casos que le han convertido en el segundo país más demandado del mundo en procedimientos de inversión.
Euractiv | 7-Jul-2022
Croatia has lost an international arbitration case launched by Hungarian oil and gas group MOL over Zagreb’s failure to fulfil obligations under an agreement about the gas business of the jointly owned Croatian oil company INA.
IISD | 6-Jul-2022
Le différend portait sur un investissement réalisé par Westmoreland Coal Company, une entreprise enregistrée aux États-Unis, dans deux entreprises canadiennes en avril 2014.
IISD | 6-Jul-2022
Un tribunal a accordé à Bank Melli Iran et Bank Saderat Iran la somme de 243 millions EUR dans leur recours investisseur-État contre le Royaume du Bahreïn.
IISD | 6-Jul-2022
A tribunal awarded a sum of EUR 243 million plus interest to Bank Melli Iran and Bank Saderat Iran in their investor–state dispute against the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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