Lexology | 21-Jan-2016
India’s new model BIT text follows the trend of divergent approaches to investment treaty-making by focusing on a more defensive-minded strategy than in its prior treaties.
The Hindu | 14-Jan-2016
Canada asks officials to focus on TPP ratification instead; wants India to first ink bilateral investment pact.
Bloomberg | 11-Jan-2016
Karuturi Global Ltd., one of the largest investors in Ethiopia’s farm industry, is challenging the termination of its project, claiming the government broke the terms of its agreement with the company.
Financial Express | 6-Jan-2016
India is set to propose a non-legal and non-adversarial mechanism to resolve trade-impeding non-tariff measures among the 16 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) countries.
IA Reporter | 6-Jan-2016
Following the release in April of 2015 of a draft model investment treaty, the government of India unveiled a final version of its proposed negotiating text.
The Economic Times | 17-Dec-2015
The Cabinet approved the revised model text for the Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Gateway House | 27-Nov-2015
For India, the U.S.-driven Trans Pacific Partnership will skew investment and intellectual property rights, and especially the debate over the Investor State Dispute System which allows companies to challenge soverign rights and public policy.
Lexology | 27-Nov-2015
In a significant development for Indian arbitration law, the President of India has formally adopted the Arbitration and Conciliation Ordinance 2015, which will bring about major and long-awaited reforms to arbitration in India.
The Indian Express | 18-Nov-2015
India’s new model BIT makes it clear that its goal is to accomplish more than investor protection.
Times of India | 7-Nov-2015
Two UAE firms are claiming Rs 5 lakh crore ($85billion) as compensation, perhaps the highest arbitration demand in India’s history.

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