Energy Charter | 3-jui-2021
Nigeria has completed all three of its accession reports but the Energy Charter Conference placed restrictions on ECT accession finalization procedures, placing Nigeria’s accession path into a state of pause.
Reuters | 3-jui-2021
Ecuador has 60 days to make the payment and has already contacted Perenco to start negotiations. In 2020, the country inked a $6.5 billion emergency deal with the IMF.
Amico Hoops | 2-jui-2021
Le tribunal a considéré que l’Equateur avait “violé le droit international public” au préjudice de Perenco en faisant passer de 50% à 99% la participation du pays sud-américain aux bénéfices.
Amico Hoops | 2-jui-2021
The Ecuadorean country will have to face a millionaire sum for Perenco oil company after a ruling by a panel formed under the auspices of the World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
Euractiv | 1er-jui-2021
After four unsuccessful negotiation rounds, and with a fifth round starting this week that does not bring any silver linings in terms of outcome, the time has come for the EU and its member states to leave the ECT.
NDTV | 31-mai-2021
The arbitral award has condoned the tax avoidance scheme adopted by Cairn Energy.
The Leaflet | 28-mai-2021
The perverse interplay of BITs with double taxation avoidance agreements has been bleeding India from the much-needed tax revenues.
Unian | 28-mai-2021
The dispute is about the assets it lost in Crimea, including the Donuzlav wind farm, which is now located in the temporarily occupied territory.
La Jornada | 26-mai-2021
No tardó en llegar. Finley Resources Inc. MWS Management y Prize Permanent Holdings interpusieron el pasado 12 de mayo una demanda contra México por 100 millones de dólares ante el Centro Internacional de Arreglos de Diferencias relativas a Inversiones (Ciadi) del Banco Mundial
Emerging Europe | 26-mai-2021
Kazakhstan claims that two Moldovan investors, Anatol and Gabriel Stati, fraudulently won an arbitration award of 500 million US dollars.