Sputnik | 11-jui-2018
A Swedish appeals court reversed the ruling of the Stockholm arbitration tribunal in the legal action filed by Spanish shareholders of Russian oil and gas company Yukos against Moscow.
El Nacional | 1er-jui-2018
Los inversionistas no confían en las condiciones que ofrecen las autoridades para hacer negocios en el país debido a que se irrespeta el derecho a la propiedad privada, dijo la investigadora Fanny Migliore
CIAR | 1er-jui-2018
Tras la pérdida por parte de España de varias demandas de arbitraje de inversiones sobre las reformas normativas de las energías renovables, España quiere que el Tribunal de Justicia Europeo (TJUE) determine si la cláusula de arbitraje invocando el Tratado de la Carta de la Energía es inválida en virtud de la sentencia en el caso Achmea.
The Guardian | 1er-jui-2018
The logic to Trudeau’s action may lie in an obscure and overlooked 2014 agreement to ensure China got a pipeline built
Reuters | 30-mai-2018
A Belgian court has lifted a freeze on about $21.5 billion (16.2 billion pounds) in Kazakhstan’s National fund assets imposed after a dispute with a Moldovan businessman, the Kazakh justice ministry said.
Oil Price | 25-mai-2018
The amount of the frozen assets, when compared to the US$520 million court award, is pretty hefty, unprecedented.
EIN | 24-mai-2018
The Stati Parties have requested to enforce the award issued in their favor including by attaching Kazakh state commercial assets in the United States.
Deutsch Welle | 24-mai-2018
The German cabinet has confirmed that two utilities operating in Germany are entitled to compensation for losses stemming from the country’s nuclear phaseout. The move is in line with an earlier top court ruling.
Natural Gas World | 23-mai-2018
Ukraine is seeking damages from Russia following the expropriation of assets in the Crimea in 2014.
No al TTIP | 21-mai-2018
Tras los cinco arbitrajes ya resueltos, la balanza se decanta ya en contra de España, que tiene abiertos 40 litigios de este tipo con 7.500 millones en reclamaciones.

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