The Ecologist | 19-ago-2021
Tackling trade and investment agreements must be an essential step in achieving justice-oriented action on climate change, health inequities and economic injustice.
Bloomberg | 12-ago-2021
Shell didn’t say in its statement if it will withdraw the related arbitration claim.
Les Echos | 12-ago-2021
Shell n’a pas indiqué dans sa déclaration si elle retirerait sa procédure d’arbitrage liée à cette affaire.
Market Research Telecast | 9-ago-2021
Spanish Solar demands compensation from the Spanish Government for having cut the premiums for the use of energy once the investments have been made.
Public Citizen | 7-ago-2021
TC Energy expects to get 15 times more money, coming from taxpayers’ pockets, than the asset losses it experienced from the revocation of a permit, that was already denied twice.
CIAR Global | 30-jul-2021
La compañía petrolera Perenco ha llegado a un acuerdo con Ecuador en las negociaciones por el pago del laudo de 435 millones de dólares en el marco de la larga disputa sobre la asignación de los beneficios de dos contratos de participación, que datan de 2002, a raíz de la adopción de legislación, por parte de Ecuador, que modificó la participación que Perenco recibía en virtud de varios Contratos de Hidrocarburos en la Región Amazónica Ecuatoriana.
Capital Monitor | 30-jul-2021
The Energy Charter Treaty, which gives oil and gas companies a route to suing governments, is increasingly hindering climate policy reform, say campaigners. And it is not the only agreement of its type.
TASS | 30-jul-2021
The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office stressed that Russia’s well-founded position had made it possible to reject most of requirements made by Yukos Capital.
Bloomberg | 30-jul-2021
The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled that Russia illegally expropriated loans provided by Yukos Capital Sarl to its former parent company.
Mint | 28-jul-2021
The government confirmed that a French court has ordered the freezing of certain Indian assets on a petition by Britain’s Cairn Energy, which is seeking to recover USD 1.72 billion arbitration award.

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