Friends of the Earth Europe | 18-mai-2020
The Energy Charter Treaty takes an axe to climate action.
EJIL : Talk ! | 18-mar-2020
While policies aiming to phase out coal are necessary to tackle climate change, they may give rise to legal claims from companies whose investments are adversely affected by the low-carbon energy transition.
The Independent | 3-mar-2020
The government has not ruled out imports of US agricultural products made to lower standards than in the UK.
NewStatesman | 24-jan-2020
Boris Johnson’s plan to diverge from EU rules threatens crucial environmental regulations. | 17-jan-2020
NAFTA 2.0 cleared another hurdle as the U.S. Senate approved the trade deal with bipartisan support.
FOEE | 16-déc-2019
An obscure investment agreement, the Energy Charter Treaty, threatens to undermine bold climate action to transform Europe’s energy system.
The Ecologist | 11-déc-2019
The US has banned any mention of climate change in US-UK trade talks.

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