Euractiv | 7-jul-2021
Little progress has been made to modernise a controversial agreement on energy investments that activists warn could derail decarbonisation efforts in Europe and across the globe, according to leaked documents.
Common Dreams | 6-jul-2021
TC Energy Corporation filed for compensation under a free trade provision that allows investors to sue governments if they impede profits.
Collectif Stop Tafta | 6-jul-2021
400 organisations de la société civile lancent un ultimatum à la Commission européenne et aux États-membres les appelant à « sortir du TCE d’ici à la COP26.
S2B Network | 6-jul-2021
More than 400 are calling on political leaders across all European countries to prioritise climate policies, to stick to their climate commitments, and therefore to initiate withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty by COP26.
L’actualité | 5-jul-2021
TC Énergie a déclaré qu’elle réclamerait plus de 15 milliards $ US au gouvernement américain à la suite de la révocation d’un permis pour la construction de l’oléoduc Keystone XL.
AFTINET | 5-jul-2021
TC Energy has lodged a US$15 billion Investor-State Dispute Settlement claim against the US government.
CNCD 11.11.11 | 30-jun-2021
Des solutions existent pour mettre ce traité anachronique et contraire aux objectifs climatiques hors d’état de nuire.
King & Wood Mallesons | 5-may-2021
In order to mitigate host state risk, foreign investors should consider the importance of investment treaty protection.
SOMO | 28-abr-2021
The claims that German energy companies RWE and Uniper have submitted in response to a Dutch law that phases out coal by 2030 are not in line with the declining value and profitability of their coal power plants in the Netherlands.
IIED | 22-abr-2021
It’s time to reconsider investor-state dispute settlement; inaction risks rising costs of shifting from fossil fuels to green alternatives.

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