RT | 13-Jul-2015
El municipio español de Rivas Vaciamadrid forma parte de una treintena de localidades del país que han impulsado la iniciativa de municipios contra el Tratado de Asociación Transatlántica para el Comercio y la Inversión que se está negociando actualmente.
| 4-Jun-2015
A new dump of leaked secretive trade deal documents on WikiLeaks reveals an international agreement could prevent future Australian governments from introducing regulations around licensing, qualifications and technical standards, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
EurActiv | 24-Apr-2015
Shrouded with secrecy and posing a threat to public services, Owen Tudor tells EurActiv why the UK Trade Union Congress doesn’t believe the hype over TTIP, and why exploitation, rather than immigration, should be the cause of people’s concerns.
Notas | 23-Apr-2015
Miles de personas salieron este sábado a las calles de las principales ciudades de Europa en rechazo al Tratado Transatlántico de Comercio e Inversión (TTIP, en sus siglas en inglés) entre la Unión Europea y EEUU, el cual consideran que amenaza los derechos sociales y laborales, los estándares medioambientales y la seguridad alimenticia.
The Conversation | 6-Oct-2014
While it would be wrong to say that the TTIP will lead to the wholesale privatisation of public services, it would potentially constrain governments’ ability to reverse past policy decisions to open up public services to competition as this would become a treaty-based commitment.
Eurasia Review | 23-Sep-2014
This study considers the likely regulatory impact of the proposed EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in three key policy areas: investor protection, public services and food safety.
The Guardian | 8-Aug-2014
More than two-thirds of voters in 13 battleground constituencies want to see the NHS safeguarded from a new trade deal that critics say threatens to make the privatisation of UK health services permanent.
IA Reporter | 27-Jun-2012
French multinational Veolia has had an ICSID arbitration claim registered against the Arab Republic of Egypt.
IPE | 2-Oct-2009
An agreement has been signed between the Polish Ministry for State Treasury and Eureko to pay the insurer an interim dividend in November 2009 worth €1.85bn.

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