CIAR Global | 20-déc-2019
En una nota de prensa difundida por la minera canadiense Lupaka, ésta anuncia que ha presentado Notificación de Intención de Presentar una Reclamación de Arbitraje, de conformidad con el Acuerdo de Libre Comercio de 2009 entre Canadá y Perú el 12 de diciembre, ante el Ministro de Economía y Finanzas peruano.
GlobeNewswire | 17-déc-2019
The dispute is related to the Invicta gold mine project and the blockade erected by the community of Parán in October 2018 wherein it prevented any access to the mining site.
Inequality.org | 17-déc-2019
Romanian and US environmental justice activists demonstrated in Washington, DC, outside a World Bank tribunal hearing on a case brought by Canadian-based Gabriel Resources.
Handelsgranskaren | 13-déc-2019
For the first time, Sweden has recieved a notice of arbitration for banning the exploration and mining of uranium.
CIAR Global | 13-déc-2019
Karima Sauma, especialista en arbitraje internacional, asistente del árbitro internacional Rodrigo Oreamuno y directora ejecutiva del Centro Internacional de Conciliación y Arbitraje de AmCham Costa Rica.
Project Syndicate | 27-nov-2019
Thanks to the World Bank’s flawed and corrupt investment arbitration process, the rich are making a fortune at the expense of poor countries.
HETQ | 18-nov-2019
Roads to the Amulsar gold mine have been closed for a year and a half by residents of neighboring communities opposed to the mine operated by Lydian who is considering international arbitration.
El Mundo | 12-nov-2019
Recuento de la controversia entre Infinito Gold y Costa Rica ante el CIADI
Stock Market Wire | 12-nov-2019
Aura Energy lodged a claim against Sweden to recover the losses incurred from the Haggan uranium project following the country’s decision to ban uranian mining.
Yahoo | 5-nov-2019
The award granted WWM over US$ 40 million in damages, in addition to a substantial portion of its legal costs incurred in the proceeding.

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