El Sol de Mexico | 12-May-2022
El monto representa apenas tres por ciento de la suma que POSH reclamó a México desde 2018, de 227 millones de dólares.
Global Arbitration News | 2-Jun-2021
The BIT serves as a prime modern example of investment treaties which seek to rebalance the distribution of rights between host States and investors.
The Online Citizen | 12-Mar-2021
Besides protection and dispute settlement, the BIT also includes several key changes in terms of application and restriction.
AFTINET | 9-Feb-2021
Google’s Singapore subsidiary could use a controversial ISDS provision in the Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement to demand millions in compensation over proposed Australian regulation for payment of news content.
The Guardian | 18-Dec-2020
Australian taxpayers could be on the hook for compensation following a dispute between the Western Australian government and Clive Palmer’s Mineralogy, federal budget papers reveal.
Daily Star | 2-Jan-2020
Telenor, the principal investor of Bangladesh’s leading mobile phone operator Grameen Phone, has served a legal notice to the President of Bangladesh seeking arbitration.
The Straits Times | 25-Sep-2019
The Bilateral Investment Treaty on the Promotion and Protection of Investments between Singapore and Myanmar aims to promote greater investment flows between the two countries.
El Sol de México | 21-Feb-2019
El nuevo acuerdo comercial entre la Unión Europea y Singapur permitirá a las grandes empresas demandar a los gobiernos cuando las leyes perjudiquen sus beneficios.
CIAR Global | 19-Feb-2019
La reciente firma del acuerdo Singapur-Unión Europea ha avivado las campañas contra el arbitraje de inversiones incluido en los acuerdos de comercio e inversión.
Ekklesia | 19-Feb-2019
Lawyers have warned that the European investment agreement with Singapore, endorsed by the EU Parliament, may not be compatible with the law.

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