Euractiv | 14-Nov-2022
The German government has announced its intention to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty, following similar decisions in other large EU countries, which left activists jubilant.
The Australian Financial Review | 14-Nov-2022
Massive compensation claims loom over the Australian government’s gas market intervention, with lawyers warning price caps and windfall profit taxes could lead to legal action under trade agreements.
La Tribune | 14-Nov-2022
Cette convention permet aux géants de l’énergie de se retourner contre les États signataires qui mèneraient des politiques climatiques défavorables à leurs investissements. Dans le même temps, l’Allemagne va ratifier l’accord CETA.
La Jornada | 9-Nov-2022
México no está violando el Tratado México, Estados Unidos y Canadá (T-MEC) y no tiene porque pagar sanciones por las consultas solicitadas por Washington en materia energética, ya que sólo vigila el sistema eléctrico, aseguró Manuel Bartlett Díaz, director general de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE).
EJIL: Talk! | 8-Nov-2022
The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (ESBU) seized the assets of one of Ukraine’s largest fuel retailers, AMIC Ukraine, the local subsidiary of AMIC Energy, an Austrian private equity firm.
CLT | 7-Nov-2022
Andreas Malm and the Zetkin Collective concluded their book White Skin, Black Fuel by approximating decarbonisation to slavery abolition: as long as fossil fuel capital exists it will ‘resist its own abolition’, just as slaveholding capital did in the past.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 7-Nov-2022
This article focuses on the implications of the revised text for dispute resolution under the ECT. We address the environmental focus of the anticipated reforms and conciliation of State-to-State disputes relating to sustainable development and climate change.
IISD | 7-Nov-2022
Cette affaire concerne un différend lancé contre la Roumanie par 10 investisseurs en réponse aux modifications apportées par la Roumanie à un régime d’incitation visant à attirer les investissements dans les sources d’énergie renouvelables.
Energy Monitor | 4-Nov-2022
EU countries are voting with their feet, quitting the investor protection pact despite the EU’s efforts to reform it – but the European Commission warns it will be worse to be outside than in.
Upstream | 2-Nov-2022
UK-based Rockhopper Exploration has been dealt a blow in its protracted legal battle with Italy with the European nation applying to the ICSID to annul the €190 million payment it was ordered to make.

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