BuzzFeed | 1er-sep-2016
Financial companies have figured out how to turn a controversial global legal system to their own very profitable advantage.
LA Times | 10-aoû-2016
Ecuadorean plaintiffs cannot collect a $9-billion judgment in the US against Chevron Corp. for rainforest damage, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.
Prensa Latina | 10-aoû-2016
Ecuador mantendrá acciones legales contra la petrolera Chevron en otros países, pese al fallo de un Tribunal Federal de Apelaciones de Estados Unidos a favor de la transnacional, aseguró Pablo Fajardo, abogado que representa a los afectados ecuatorianos.
Business Recorder | 4-aoû-2016
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes has completed hearing on a dispute between Government of Pakistan and a Turkish firm M/s Karkey Karadeniz Elektrik Uretim A.S.
Reuters | 29-jui-2016
Czech utility CEZ has launched arbitration seeking hundreds of millions of euros from Bulgaria for failure to protect its energy investments
PRNewswire | 27-jui-2016
The arbitration dispute concerns the treatment applied by the Romanian authorities to the investments performed by KMG and KMGI in their Romanian subsidiaries.
Reuters | 23-jui-2016
Ecuador has paid $112 million to energy company Chevron Corp over a four-decade-old contract dispute, even though it remains in disagreement, the head of the central bank has said.
The Economic Times | 13-jui-2016
Cairn Plc has claimed compensation of $5.6 billion from India in legal proceedings against the retrospective tax demand.
Reuters | 5-jui-2016
French oil major Total has filed a request for arbitration against Algeria for changing profit-sharing terms on oil and gas contracts in the mid-2000s
Le Monde | 4-jui-2016
Total vient, en toute discrétion, d’engager un contentieux contre l’Algérie et sa compagnie pétrolière d’Etat, la Sonatrach.

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