Michigan Journal of International Law | 23-Aug-2022
A recent ICSID tribunal found a developing state liable for breaching the full protection and security obligation due to its inability to protect a foreign investment against terrorist attacks in a remote deserted area.
Vicat | 25-Mar-2022
L’accord met fin à la procédure d’arbitrage entre l’Égypte et la société française devant le Centre international pour le règlement des différends relatifs aux investissements (CIRDI).
Egypt Today | 16-Nov-2021
The arbitral tribunal rejected the requesting company’s request to compensate it in the amount of $29.3 million in addition to the accrued interests.
Global Cement | 4-Aug-2021
France-based Vicat raised a case against the Egyptian government with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes in late June 2021. It concerns its cement production business.
Ecofin | 19-Mar-2021
Unión Fenosa Gas a annoncé l’abandon de la procédure de confirmation de sentence, engagée contre l’Egypte en 2014 pour défaut de livraison de gaz naturel.
CIAR Global | 19-Mar-2021
Unión Fenosa Gas y Egipto han llegado a un acuerdo y ponen fin al arbitraje que le concedió a la española un laudo de dos billones de dólares tras el conflicto por la planta egipcia de Damietta.
Egypt Today | 19-Mar-2021
The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced the entry into force of the agreement related to the Damietta Liquefaction Plant, and the settlement of all claims.
Global Arbitration News | 18-Nov-2020
The district court determined that granting the stay pending the decision of the ICSID annulment committee was proper in this case.
Egypt Today | 6-Nov-2020
The ICSID has turned down a lawsuit filed by Spanish companies Cementos La Union and Aridos Jativa against the Egyptian State, demanding a compensation of more than €236 million.
Lexology | 16-Jun-2020
On 3 June 2020, the Cairo Court of Appeal set aside a US$ 1 billion investment treaty award arising out of a dispute between a Kuwaiti construction company and the State of Libya, in relation to a license for a tourist development project in Tripoli, Libya.