CEO | 22-sep-2020
The Energy Charter Treaty, which hardly anyone knows about, is a powerful instrument for fossil fuels companies to prevent climate protection.
CIAR Global | 18-sep-2020
La segunda ronda de negociaciones sobre la modernización del Tratado de la Carta de la Energía (TCE) tuvo lugar entre el 8 y el 11 de septiembre de 2020 y uno de los protagonistas del debate fue la “Solución de controversias”, el sistema de arbitraje contemplado en el tratado.
AFTINET | 17-sep-2020
A written submission from Japan published by the ECT secretariat rejected language on the “right to regulate” and changes to the investor-state dispute resolution mechanism.
Climate Home News | 16-sep-2020
Negotiators have ruled out an overhaul of private courts that allow energy companies to sue national governments when climate change policies hurt their profits.
Climate Home News | 10-sep-2020
A British oil and gas company is using a controversial energy treaty to sue Slovenia, after being required to carry out an environmental impact assessment
First News | 10-sep-2020
Australian mining firm Prairie Mining has launched international arbitration proceedings against Poland, claiming damages for the alleged hindering of the development of its two coal mines located in the country.
Equal Times | 8-sep-2020
¿Podemos incrementar la urgencia (y acción) climática y al mismo tiempo proteger los combustibles fósiles que provocan el cambio climático?
Novethic | 8-sep-2020
Le Traité sur la charte de l’énergie, signé en 1994 par l’Europe et les pays de l’ancien bloc soviétique, donne aux investisseurs la possibilité d’attaquer les gouvernements qui modifieraient leur politique énergétique.
Euractiv | 8-sep-2020
The 1991 Energy Charter Treaty must be profoundly overhauled in order to remove all “obsolete” provisions protecting fossil fuel investments and hindering climate action, lawmakers from across Europe said.
Climate Change News | 8-sep-2020
The Japanese government is blocking reform of a treaty that allows energy companies to sue nation states when climate policies affect their profits.

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