Forbes | 10-dic-2019
Climate campaigners are demanding that European Union countries pull out of the treaty unless they can negotiate an end to the pact’s investor-state dispute mechanism.
Collectif Stop Tafta | 9-dic-2019
Plus de 280 organisations de la société civile réclament aux États membres du Traité sur la Charte de l’énergie de mettre fin aux protections dont dispose le secteur des énergies fossiles.
ECT’s Dirty Secrets | 9-dic-2019
We – 278 environmental, climate, consumer, development, and trade related civil society groups, as well as trade unions – believe that the ECT is incompatible with the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.
GTM | 5-dic-2019
Spain has offered an olive branch in its long-running legal battle with renewables developers. But the fight isn’t over yet.
IISD | 27-nov-2019
An ICSID tribunal ordered Spain to pay two Dutch investors EUR 290.6 million in compensation for its breach of the FET standard under ECT
Reuters | 27-nov-2019
The government will offer subsidies which will allow investors that abandon litigation to maintain their current profitability rate of 7.39% until 2031.
IISD | 27-nov-2019
Un tribunal del CIADI ordenó a España que pague EUR 290,6 millones a dos inversores holandeses.
IISD | 26-nov-2019
Un tribunal du CIRDI a ordonné à l’Espagne de verser 290,6 millions d’euros à deux investisseurs néerlandais.
IISD | 26-nov-2019
An ICSID tribunal held that Spain violated Fair and Equitable Treatment under the Energy Charter Treaty.
IISD | 26-nov-2019
Un tribunal del CIADI dictaminó que España violó el trato justo y equitativo bajo el Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía.

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