ISDS reformado
International Mediation Institute | 6-jun-2016
Mediation presents a credible and compelling option for both investors and states to settle disputes, disagreements and other conflicts arising from investment activities.
Zone Bourse | 31-may-2016
La commissaire européenne pour le commerce a rencontré le ministre de l’économie du Mexique afin de marquer l’ouverture de nouvelles négociations sur les échanges et les investissements.
Politico | 31-may-2016
The EU and Mexico will kick off its first negotiation round for overhauling their bilateral trade agreement, talks that will include the EU’s new Investment Court System (ICS).
The Economic Times | 30-may-2016
India has written to 47 countries to nullify the existing bilateral investment agreements and ink fresh treaties that will make it mandatory for foreign investors to exhaust local judicial remedies before seeking arbitration.
IISD | 29-may-2016
Results from an IISD expert meeting held in Montreux, Switzerland, May 23–24, 2016.
Les Echos | 27-may-2016
Aucun des principes de cet ICS ne pourra trouver sa place au sein de la CPA tant il est impossible de remplacer les arbitres par des juges permanents, de leur interdire d’exercer des activités d’avocat...
The Hindu | 26-may-2016
The new bilateral investment treaty’s gratuitous focus on local courts and taxation may not please our partners.
El Diario | 23-may-2016
Estamos asistiendo a una lucha de poder, otra vez. El TTIP es un peligro para la democracia, los intereses de las corporaciones avasallan los derechos de la ciudadanía.
Politico | 23-may-2016
Philippine trade negotiators meet their DG Trade counterparts for a first round of trade talks, five months after they were announced, but nobody expects a cakewalk.
CIGI | 23-may-2016
Canada and the European Union released a revised Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in February 2016. The revisions focus on the controversial and deeply flawed process of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).

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