North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement | 23-Sep-2015
For years, trade and justice activists have proposed renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to address some of the deal’s most damaging features: for example, by removing the anti-democratic investor-state dispute settlement provisions of Chapter 11, linking trade benefits to genuine protections for human and labour rights (all the more important given the deteriorating democratic situation in Mexico), and establishing a continent-wide strategy for auto investment and production.
Green Agenda | 11-Sep-2015
There has been an explosive increase of cases of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). Modern investor-state disputes often revolve around public policy measures and implicate sensitive issues such as health and environmental protection
CBC | 20-Aug-2015
Canada is appealing a potentially expensive decision from a NAFTA tribunal, arguing the tribunal "exceeded its jurisdiction" when it upheld a claim from a New Jersey concrete company, Bilcon, that it was entitled to compensatory damages.
Investment Arbitration Reporter | 15-Aug-2015
Following Canada’s loss this March in a NAFTA dispute, Bilcon v. Canada, that decision has prompted a new round of submissions in a separate dispute, Mesa Power Group LLC v. Canada.
El Financiero | 11-Aug-2015
Una empresa canadiense de inversiones inmobiliarias iniciará un arbitraje contra México bajo el TLC. ¿El monto demandado?: 200 millones de dólares.
CCPA | 5-Aug-2015
The failure of Canadian ISDS policy at home and abroad.
Bloomberg | 4-Aug-2015
A provision in the North American Free Trade Agreement would let the Canadian company TransCanada Corp. recoup some of the $2.4 billion spent on its Keystone XL project
Policy Alternatives | 3-Jul-2015
Canada is being pummeled by NAFTA corporate lawsuits. Why do we put up with it?
TeleSur | 25-Jun-2015
The Central American country of El Salvador could be forced to pay US$301 million to Canadian-Australian mining multinational OceanaGold as the two face off in a World Bank investor-state tribunal with proven tendency to favor corporate interests over arguments for protecting national sovereignty, the environment, and human rights.
Congressional Research Service | 28-May-2015
This report for US Congress answers frequently asked questions about US international investment agreements including provisions for investor-state dispute settlement.

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