Estados Unidos
Financial Express Bangladesh | 18-ene-2021
Corporate globalisation and Covid-19 should also have taught developing countries that they must reject FTAs strengthening IPRs, ISDS and TNCs in order to secure policy space to ’build back better’.
Radio Free Liberty | 18-dic-2020
Chinese investors have brought a $3.5 billion arbitration case against Ukraine for blocking the sale of a strategic aircraft engine maker whose fate Washington is closely following.
Médias24 | 18-dic-2020
Les Etats-Unis ont demandé à intervenir en tant que partie non contestante pour assister aux audiences et accéder aux plaidoiries. | 16-dic-2020
In 2020, foreign investors filed at least 51 known cases demanding huge sums from governments struggling to fight a historic pandemic.
Pulse | 1ro-dic-2020
The South Korean government has opted for an international arbitration over its longstanding dispute with Lone Star Funds after it turned down the US fund’s final $870-million out-of-court settlement proposal.
CIAR Global | 24-nov-2020
La patronal de las compañías aseguradoras estadounidenses ha advertido a Chile del posible recurso a mecanismos incluidos en el Tratado de Libre Comercio Estados Unidos-Chile ante el cambio de la normativa que influye a las compañías de seguros que trabajan en el mercado chileno.
JDsupra | 16-nov-2020
Vento’s claims ultimately failed on the merits because Vento could not show irregularities in the Mexican tax authority’s treatment of its investment.
Global Legal Chronicle | 27-ago-2020
The US subsidiaries of Bridgestone Corporation lost a $20 million plus arbitration claim against the Republic of Panama filed by under the US-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement.
Earthworks | 26-ago-2020
Un nuevo informe expone las omisiones y tergiversaciones en la demanda de una empresa minera estadounidense por más de 400 millones de dólares en contra del gobierno guatemalteco.
Earthworks | 25-ago-2020
El Tambor is a controversial gold mining project in Guatemala. After years of local protests and litigation, it was halted in 2016 for lack of prior consultation with Indigenous people.

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