EESC | 9-nov-2022
A new model for international investment governance needs to be developed, in order to fill the significant gap between the investment system on the one hand and effective protection of labour rights and the environment on the other.
EJIL: Talk! | 8-nov-2022
The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (ESBU) seized the assets of one of Ukraine’s largest fuel retailers, AMIC Ukraine, the local subsidiary of AMIC Energy, an Austrian private equity firm.
Energy Monitor | 4-nov-2022
EU countries are voting with their feet, quitting the investor protection pact despite the EU’s efforts to reform it – but the European Commission warns it will be worse to be outside than in.
Le Monde | 28-oct-2022
L’annonce du retrait prochain de la France du traité sur la charte de l’énergie doit être saluée et va dans le sens d’une meilleure efficacité des politiques climatiques.
RTBF | 26-oct-2022
La ministre fédérale du Climat Zakia Khattabi a répété lundi être en faveur d’un retrait de la Belgique du Traité sur la Charte de l’Énergie.
Euractiv | 26-oct-2022
Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development, and Green Deal Minister Zakia Khattabi reiterated her support for Belgium’s withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty during the EU’s Environmental Council meeting.
Euractiv | 26-oct-2022
Slovenia will follow the lead of countries such as the Netherlands, Spain and France and very likely withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty, Infrastructure Minister Bojan Kumer announced.
Climate Change News | 26-oct-2022
France, Germany and Spain plan to leave the controversial investment pact, putting a whole system of dirty energy protections into play.
Stop CETA Mercosur | 24-oct-2022
Suite à des années d’alertes, de sensibilisation et de mobilisation de la société civile, auxquelles le collectif national Stop CETA Mercosur ont pris leur part, Emmanuel Macron vient d’annoncer que "la France a décidé de se retirer du Traité sur la charte de l’énergie.
Collectif Stop CETA Mercosur | 19-oct-2022
The Netherlands is leaving a controversial energy treaty because it conflicts with Paris climate accord commitments, energy minister Rob Jetten said

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