CTV | 17-fév-2016
Canada is working with the European Union to revise controversial investor protection provisions in their landmark free trade deal at the direction of the new Liberal government.
Tele Sur | 16-fév-2016
The secretive TTIP could make it easier than ever for big business to sue governments, according to new research.
S2B | 15-fév-2016
Rebranded as ICS, rights for corporations to sue states refuse to die.
DRB | 4-fév-2016
L’Association des Magistrats allemands (DRB) rejette la proposition de la Commission européenne visant à établir une Cour pour les Investissements dans le cadre du Partenariat Transatlantique pour le Commerce et l’Investissement.
DRB | 4-fév-2016
La Asociación de Magistrados Alemanes rechaza la propuesta de la Comisión Europea para establecer un tribunal de inversión en el marco del Tratado Transatlántico de Comercio e Inversión (TTIP).
DRB | 3-fév-2016
The German Magistrates Association rejects the proposal of the European Commission to establish an investment court within the framework of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
FFII | 1er-fév-2016
The European Commission today published the negotiated text of the EU – Vietnam FTA. The investment and investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) chapter is not conform the European Parliament 8 July 2015 resolution.
CBC | 22-jan-2016
Both sides admit surprise as deal risks losing ratification vote thanks to anti-American sentiment.
Embassy | 21-jan-2016
CETA, China, softwood lumber among government’s top trade priorities for 2016. Canada’s government is willing to address ISDS concerns.

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