OHCHR | 1er-fév-2017
The report provides an analysis of the impacts of international investment agreements on the rights of indigenous peoples.
IIED | 18-jan-2017
Lorenzo Cotula discusses highlights from his latest academic piece, in which he explores whether investment treaties protect ’land grab’ deals, and how these impact the land rights of rural people.
Peru Reports | 3-jui-2016
Gramercy Funds Management has filed a $1.6 billion claim against Peru for its refusal to redeem land bonds from the 1970s agrarian reform.
IISD | 18-mai-2016
In an award issued July 28, 2015 but only published February 2016, a tribunal at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) ordered Zimbabwe to return farms it seized without compensation in 2005.
The Guardian | 25-avr-2016
Government ordered to pay compensation after Hugo Chávez nationalised British beef company’s landholdings.
Earth Institute | 17-mar-2016
A new report from the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment explores the dilemmas posed by land investments under international investment treaties and human rights law.
Yes | 6-jan-2016
The TPP makes the rights of companies sacrosanct, and that includes the right to mine. But what about the rights of people who live in the way of proposed mining sites ?
IIED | 18-déc-2015
The vast majority of the land deals from the recent wave of agribusiness investments in low and middle-income countries are protected by at least one investment treaty.
Triple Crisis | 15-oct-2015
TPP, investment agreements, and the governance of land
HIC-HLRN | 1er-avr-2015
In many cases, international investment agreements have the purpose and/or effect of hijacking the international human rights system.

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