London South East | 19-feb-2018
Churchill Mining updated the market on the progress made in its attempts to annul an international tribunal’s award against it.
TNI | 16-feb-2018
We call on the EU and Indonesia to use the CEPA negotiations to design an investment chapter that prioritises equitable and sustainable development.
Stock Market Wire | 22-nov-2017
The company is currently considering the Republic of Indonesia’s counter memorial on annulment, which was submitted on 20 Oct.
Stock Market Wire | 29-jun-2017
Churchill Mining has confirmed that the stay on enforcement of the East Kutai Coal Project Award will continue pending a decision on the Annulment Application.
Lexology | 15-may-2017
While India and Indonesia may have withdrawn from existing BITs, this does not necessarily leave foreign investors without any protection.
Stock Market Wire | 20-abr-2017
Churchill filed an annulment application after an ICSID Tribunal granted Indonesia’s application to dismiss the company’s claims for damages following the revocation of mining licences.
Mining Weekly | 4-abr-2017
Aim-listed Churchill Mining has lodged an application to have the ICSID Tribunal’s decision to dismiss claims for damages against Indonesia
Stock Market Wire | 31-mar-2017
Churchill Mining says it continues to pursue its $1.315bn claim against the Republic of Indonesia in relation to the revocation of its licenses at the East Kutai Coal Project.
IISD | 24-mar-2017
The tribunal considered all claims inadmissible, ordering the claimants to bear all arbitration costs and to reimburse 75 per cent of Indonesia’s legal expenses.
Jakarta Post | 23-feb-2017
International arbitration within the investor-state-dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism has become a powerful weapon exploited by MNCs to circumvent national regulations and bully governments

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