derechos humanos
Reuters | 24-abr-2015
Secret negotiations on international trade deals threaten human rights, an independent United Nations expert said on Thursday in comments that appeared aimed at agreements the United States is seeking with the European Union and Pacific nations.
HIC-HLRN | 1ro-abr-2015
In many cases, international investment agreements have the purpose and/or effect of hijacking the international human rights system.
SSRN | 26-ene-2015
This article analyzes the restrictive approach adopted by investor-State arbitration tribunals to human rights arguments raised by host States, as exemplified in the case of the human right to water
ABColombia | 1ro-ago-2014
The UK-Colombia Bilateral Investment Treaty that was ratified by the House of Commons on 10 July 2014 poses grave risks to the achievement of human rights and the successful implementation of agreements currently being made in the peace dialogues between the FARC guerrilla and the Colombian Government in Havana.
Lexology | 15-abr-2013
Following a decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (“UNHRC“) in 2010 that a Turkish businessman had suffered violations of his human rights after being illegally convicted of economic crimes, a claim for compensation is now being pursued under the Turkey-Turkmenistan bilateral investment treaty (“BIT“). This case therefore highlights the interesting interaction between the human rights and investment protection regimes.
Transnational Dispute Management | 7-jul-2012
Transnational Dispute Management is currently preparing a special issue on "Aligning Human Rights and Investment Protection".
CETIM | 6-ago-2010
Existe una densa trama de convenios y tratados económicos y financieros -internacionales, regionales, subregionales y bilaterales- que han suplantado los instrumentos básicos del derecho internacional y regional de los derechos humanos.
Rights & Democracy | 22-jun-2009
Investment treaties and free trade agreements offer few instructions as to how such agreements should be reconciled with human rights obligations of the state.
Rights and Democracy | 21-feb-2009
Profiles a series of lawsuits that have arisen between foreign investors and their host states — where state compliance with investment treaty obligations is in question and where human rights concerns have resulted from investment projects.

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