IISD | 20-Aug-2018
Les investisseurs étrangers dans le tourisme utilisent depuis longtemps et avec succès le mécanisme de règlement des différends entre investisseurs et États dans le cadre de traités d’investissement.
IISD | 20-Aug-2018
Foreign investors in tourism have a long and successful history of using investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) under investment treaties.
Eco Actu | 8-Aug-2018
Le conseil de la commune de Casablanca avait constaté des manquements graves en matière de gestion de la décharge dont les conséquences environnementales et sanitaires sont drastiques.
CIAR Global | 6-Jul-2018
El 2 de julio de 2018, el Ciadi, registró la demanda de arbitraje de la minera canadiense Gran Colombia Gold contra Colombia en la que reclama 700 millones de dólares relacionada con la cesión de un título minero a las comunidades locales para explotar la minería a cielo abierto, tras una pugna de más de una década con la denuncia medioambiental y de Derechos Humanos como protagonistas.
Mining.com | 7-Jun-2018
Gabriel Resources will have to wait until late 2019 to find out whether Romania will have to pay it $4.4 billion in alleged losses related to the company’s Rosia Montana gold and silver project.
The Lawyer’s Daily | 11-May-2018
A Federal Court ruling in favour of an American company that is seeking millions in damages from Canada has prompted environmental groups to renew their calls for Ottawa to push to scrap the NAFTA Chapter 11 investor-state dispute resolution system during the ongoing free trade renegotiations with the United States and Mexico.
The Chronicle Herald | 6-May-2018
Environmental law experts are concerned about the broader implications of a recent federal court dismissal of Canada’s application to overturn a NAFTA tribunal ruling.
CBC | 3-May-2018
New Jersey company behind quarry proposal in Digby Neck claims damages of $443M US in lost profits.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 30-Apr-2018
Since 1973, the sovereign islands of the Caribbean Sea, have concluded over 140 international investment agreements. The ICSID Convention is in force in all islands except Antigua & Barbuda, Cuba, Dominica, and the Dominican Republic.
Client Earth | 6-Mar-2018
ISDS is not only an unwelcome tool that allows multinational corporations to put pressure on public interest decision-making, it is also incompatible with EU law.

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