UDAPT | 17-feb-2021
Han pasado 10 años desde la sentencia de Lago Agrio, hasta el día de hoy la petrolera se niega a cumplir con la sentencia; y, a su vez optó por activar todo un sistema que garantiza impunidad a las Transnacionales.
UDAPT | 17-feb-2021
Dix ans se sont écoulés depuis la sentence du Lago Agrio, et à ce jour, la compagnie pétrolière refuse toujours de se conformer à la sentence. Au contraire, elle a décidé d’activer tout un système qui garantit l’impunité des transnationales.
UDAPT | 17-feb-2021
Ten years have passed since the judgment of Lago Agrio. Until today the oil company refuses to comply with the judgement; and, in turn, has chosen to activate a whole system that guarantees corporate impunity.
The Star | 17-feb-2021
ROYAL Dutch Shell Plc launched arbitration proceedings against the Nigerian government over a long-running community dispute.
Reuters | 16-feb-2021
Some governments have said the bloc should consider quitting the agreement because the treaty could threaten climate goals.
Ecofin | 16-feb-2021
Shell, empêtré dans de nombreuses affaires de pollution dans le delta du Niger, a été condamné à verser des dommages-intérêts, mais semble vouloir régler le contentieux à l’amiable, d’où la sollicitation d’un arbitrage.
Korea Herald | 12-feb-2021
SK Innovation is considering initiating international arbitration proceedings against the Peruvian government for blocking the company’s exit from Camisea Gas Project in Peru.
Euractiv | 10-feb-2021
Luxembourg’s energy minister who used to be at the forefront of calls to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty, has backtracked on his earlier statements, saying the EU should first aim to redouble efforts to reform.
CCSI | 10-feb-2021
While withdrawing, EU Member States could attempt to negotiate out of the sunset clause but would be subjected to it unless all other ECT Members agree to relieve them from the application of the clause.
TASS | 8-feb-2021
The Russian side also repeatedly drew attention to the fact that Yukos shareholders have no right to use modern protection mechanisms, since the privatization of the company was accompanied by deception, corruption and tax evasion

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