Agenda | 18-sep-2017
Inter RAO structures claim $175 million loss was due to a refusal to raise energy tariffs when the Georgian national currency Lari was devaluated.
Turkey Telegraph | 13-sep-2017
The Government has created a committee of public employees to conduct defence of Spain against avalanche international lawsuits brought by large investment firms.
Energy Infra Post | 12-sep-2017
UK-based Cairn Energy Plc has increased its compensation claim by $249 million in the retrospective dispute case after the income tax department adjusted tax refund due to the oil explorer towards settlement of its tax liabilities.
European Law Blog | 7-sep-2017
Recently, the ECJ has found Germany in breach of its obligations under the Habitats Directive for authorising the operation of a coal-fired power plant near Hamburg.
Bastamag | 31-aoû-2017
Plus de 83 millions de dollars. C’est le montant réclamé par la compagnie pétrolière Hupecol Operating Co, basée au Texas, à l’État colombien sous l’accord de libre-échange US-Colombie.
Washington Examiner | 25-aoû-2017
More than 100 associations representing US businesses are teaming up to encourage the Trump administration to maintain ISDS protections as it renegotiates NAFTA, writes the head of the US oil and natural gas industry trade group
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 19-aoû-2017
Is there inconsistency among the tribunals in the solar energy cases ?
Entorno Inteligente | 18-aoû-2017
La estatal Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) informó que actuará para proteger sus activos en Estados Unidos, tras la solicitud de embargo que hizo la minera canadiense Crystallex ante una corte de ese país por una disputa que arrastran ambas empresas desde hace años.
Latin America Herald Tribune | 15-aoû-2017
Crystallex — owed $1.4 billion for the expropriation of its Venezuela mining subsidiary — has moved U.S. Federal Court in Delaware to seize Petroleos de Venezuela Holding, the parent company of PDVSA’s American unit Citgo Holding.
Le Devoir | 12-aoû-2017
Québec était en droit d’instituer un moratoire sur la fracturation hydraulique et Ottawa ne devrait pas compenser Lone Pine.

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