The Guardian | 4-nov-2021
Treaty allows energy corporations to sue governments for billions over policies that could hurt their profits.
Mint | 4-nov-2021
The settlement is under the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, introduced this year to put an end to 17 tax disputes India has with multinational companies like Cairn and Vodafone Plc.
Interfax | 3-nov-2021
SREW N.V., an open joint-stock company registered in Belgium, which owns 75% of the charter capital of Dnipro-Buzka wind plant LLC, has initiated arbitration against Ukraine.
Inequality.org | 2-nov-2021
Allowing oil, mining, and gas companies to continue to file expensive lawsuits over environmental regulations could undermine whatever agreements might be reached in the COP26 in Glasgow.
Bloomberg | 29-oct-2021
Coal plant owners are using this little-known mechanism to try and recoup billions from governments who are forcing them to shut down polluting plants
Global Justice Now | 28-oct-2021
Courts allow big polluters to sue governments into “a state of climate paralysis”, campaigners say.
Attac | 28-oct-2021
Une nouvelle publication révèle que cinq entreprises de l’énergie poursuivent des États pour leur politique climatique en leur réclamant 18 milliards de dollars de compensation.
The Nelson Daily | 28-oct-2021
Rules accepted under various trade and investment agreements often benefit destructive, extractive industries to the detriment of national and international climate goals and ambitions.
TNI | 26-oct-2021
En los últimos 10 años el Estado español ha recibido más demandas de arbitraje de inversión que cualquier otro Estado. Con 50 casos en total, es hoy el segundo país en el mundo con más demandas en tribunales arbitrales internacionales.
New Straits Times | 20-oct-2021
Sudan’s government confiscated Petronas’s assets on the grounds that they were acquired "through illegal means" during Omar al-Bashir’s regime. Some argue that Sudan is turning on its allies "under the pretext of fighting corruption".

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