Euractiv | 21-Apr-2020
Joining the Energy Charter Treaty could cost developing countries money that is urgently needed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.
Global Legal Chronicle | 20-Apr-2020
The tribunal dismissed all claims against Turkmenistan brought by a Turkish investor, Lotus Holding Anonim Sirketi, under the Energy Charter Treaty and the Turkey-Turkmenistan bilateral investment treaty.
CEO | 15-Apr-2020
Le traité d’investissement le plus perfide au monde est-il en train de prendre les pays du sud en otage ?
CEO | 15-Apr-2020
Many countries, particularly in the global south, are in the process of joining the Energy Charter Treaty despite the sweeping powers it grants to foreign investors.
Ascent Resources | 10-Apr-2020
Ascent Resources Plc, the onshore European and Caribbean / Hispanic American oil and gas company, has received a Letter of Intent for up to €3 million of potential litigation funding in Slovenia.
IISD | 28-Mar-2020
Los demandantes iniciaron el arbitraje del CIADI contra España, alegando violaciones del Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía, incluidas el trato justo y equitativo, la cláusula paraguas y de no perjuicio.
IISD | 28-Mar-2020
Les demandeurs ont entamé un arbitrage CIRDI contre l’Espagne, invoquant des violations du Traité sur la charte de l’énergie, notamment les clauses de traitement juste et équitable, de parapluie et de non-entrave.
IISD | 28-Mar-2020
The claimants initiated ICSID arbitration against Spain, claiming breaches of the Energy Charter Treaty, including the fair and equitable treatment, umbrella and non-impairment clauses.
EJIL: Talk! | 18-Mar-2020
While policies aiming to phase out coal are necessary to tackle climate change, they may give rise to legal claims from companies whose investments are adversely affected by the low-carbon energy transition.
Glasgow Guardian | 16-Mar-2020
Civil society activists and scientific experts denounce the unsustainable practice of investment disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty.

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